Philosophy – Sinology- Consulting East & West

Never dreamt of California,though most of the Internet-based companies are situated there and the amount the average man on Earth is spending in the Internet is increasing.

Same in Shenzhen, Hongkong and Taiwan ,where innovative match-makers are on the run challenging the spots of Californian ideas.

Lets say it is a flowing competition around good old mother Earth, who can achieve the best results in the shortest time – Efficiency-based-thinking has a tradition in the East and it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

Anyway Eastern world and Western World is growing more and more together and the western one has had over long time the first Place in the run!

Competition things will vanish hopefully ,if they are not substantiated and useful for innovation.

Contemplation is an old topic as well in Lao-tze’s,let’s say in Daoistic but als in Confucian and Buddhist thinking frameworks and we can meet this way of thinking in books of Kant,Hegel and other famous thinkers.

Globalization and Universalism have common destinations on several levels.

As long as there are a search for unified standards ,the world will move – what means nothing more than innovation and practical thinking ist the base for forwarding the needs of the next centuries.

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